Here at Naturalvert, our core mission is to inspire and help you, whether that be through our food or our positive outlook on life. With a lot of time being taken up by work, children, and various other responsibilities, making your free time count is extremely important. One way to easily sneak in some extra motivation and inspirational content is to follow health driven accounts on your social media. 


Here, we have compiled a list of Instagram accounts that will help you live a healthier lifestyle by sharing information about physical and mental health, recipes, inspirational quotes, and relatable captions and comment sections. 


Many users of Instagram scroll through mindlessly, wasting on average 53 minutes per day. Instead of doing this, use the popular media as a tool for wellness. 


There are about 1 billion active accounts on Instagram as of 2018, according to Oberlo. In addition to that, it has quickly become the second most used social media network in the world. Because of the popularity, the options are endless in terms of who you can follow. 


These are just suggestions of accounts that share the same, or similar, values that we have at Naturalvert. 


Health is not just the food you eat, but it is also the lifestyle you lead. We encourage you to check out those who are listed and add them to your feed if you have not already. 


1. Mind Body Green 


Click here for their Instagram page. 


This online publication has made it it’s mission to help their audience tackle the wellness movement. For many, the idea of wellness can be hard even though it is a simple concept. Caring for all aspects of your life like food, health, mental health, and adapting it into every part of your lifestyle can be daunting. 


Mind Body Green makes it easy, and their Instagram is a great way to remind yourself of your journey, to inform you of facts and information, and to entertain you with articles, photos, and ideas. 


2. The Chalkboard Mag


Click here for their Instagram page. 


Similar to Mind Body Green, The Chalkboard Mag has dedicated their brand toward promoting a healthy lifestyle pertaining to mental health and fitness. 


One thing that sets The Chalkboard Mag apart is that they were started by Pressed Juicery, a very successful juice company with locations in California, Nevada, New York, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. They are similar to Naturalvert in that their product reflects their brand and goals. 


Their feed contains fact sheets, food, quotes, and a lot more. The highlight of The Chalkboard Mag’s feed is definitely their fact sheets/cheat sheets, and they are a very quick way to absorb more important information throughout the day. 


3. Hello Sunshine 


Click here for their Instagram page. 


If you love the inspirational quotes and phrases we post on the Naturalvert Instagram, you should definitely follow Hello Sunshine. 


Started by Reese Witherspoon, it is a media company dedicated toward females and female storytelling. They share very real facts and statistics when it comes to the gender within society. Any gender can follow this page, however, as it is informative and interesting. 


The feed is casual, and funny, while also building your knowledge on females and female empowerment. 


4. Lee From America 


Click here for her Instagram page. 


While Lee Tilghman has her own blog, her Instagram page is truly the highlight of her brand.


Her Instagram is easy to read, it is informative, and most of her posts are conversation starting.


It is generally about her relatable health journey, and her approach to health and wellness can feel less intimidating than following something like Mind Body Green or The Chalkboard Mag. She’s a real person going through real things. 


She is currently on an Instagram hiatus, which many people could probably benefit from, however when she comes back you will want to be there. 


5. Well and Good Eats


Click here for their Instagram. 


Well and Good Eats is less about wellness as a whole, and more about food. They specifically like to talk about superfoods, healthy recipes, hacks, and ideas. 


Their recipes are simple and they account for dietary needs like veganism, gluten free, etc. Following their account will expose you to delicious recipes and recipe ideas. 


6. Simple Mills & Siete 


If you are looking to expose yourself to healthy brands similar to Naturalvert, these two deserve an honorable mention. 


Simple Mills creates gluten free options like crackers and cookies that stand up well against the classic options you can find in your local grocery store. Their Instagram feed is filled with their products and the many uses they have. 


Siete, a family owned company, is very similar in that they create gluten free and grain free alternatives to tortillas, tortilla chips, etc. Their Instagram account is filled with inspiration and various recipes. 


7. Marks Daily Apple


Click here for his Instagram. 


Many of these accounts favor women in terms of content, however Marks Daily Apple caters well to men. 


Created by Mark Sisson, the main goal is to help promote a healthy lifestyle. His posts contain information about food, wellness, and exercise. 


It is a great page to follow for men if they are looking to improve their health and lifestyle. 


8. Jon Venus


Click here for his Instagram. 


For a vegan fitness-forward version of Mark Sisson, follow Jon Venus.


Believing in the power of plants, Venus is dedicated toward spreading his fitness journey. 


He does not post a ton of recipes, but he has a lot of helpful tips and cheat sheets that will help keep you motivated and ready to continue your fitness and health journey. 

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