Going Vegan

Going Vegan

Much like going organic was a “trendy” thing to do 10 years ago, so is vegan now. Most people will say now that organic is here to stay. Now the question is, can we say the same for veganism? One thing is for sure, most food service, supermarkets, and coffee shops now feel compelled to offer at least the vegan option. With so many customers exploring, and converting to a full vegan/plant-based diet the opportunities that a business stands to miss out on are huge if they offer no vegan options at all. 

Over here at Naturalvert, we decided to explore the vegan granola option after one of our chefs decided to go vegan. As a chef, Vee had an easier time than most switching to vegan himself. After all, he had been following plant-based diets all along on and off. Business? That required a bigger leap of faith. 


At Naturalvert, we started offering the vegan granola options late last year, and it has quickly become our biggest sellers. Taste is always the biggest issue for customers, but once a customer tastes our product, they simply love it. Our organic gluten-free vegan granola options have received such great reviews from our customers that we decided to expand the product line. Now, we are happy to say that the demand for our vegan products are so great that we can look towards expansion in the future.

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