Artificial flavoring

Artificial flavoring

If asked, most people would say that they want to eat healthy.  To do so these days, a person has to practically spend their lives checking every label and doing hours of research to really have control over what you’re eating these days.  Most people “trust” that the regulators are doing their jobs and if the food is on their plate it must be safe.  So it stands to reason that if a product has “artificial flavors” it was checked and determined to be safe enough for consumption, right?

What if I tell you that the FDA doesn’t even know what is in most of these “artificial flavors” because the formulas are proprietary to the flavor companies that create them?  What if I tell you that the flavor companies themselves are overseeing the safety of these added flavors?  What if I tell you that that tasty vanilla flavor that you’re ingesting can be made from wood pulp, and you can be crazy about a flavor that is made from crude oil or coal tar and not even knowing it?


At Naturalvert we care about what we put in our products, and even more about our customers.  That’s why as a company we never use any artificial flavors in our products, ever.   To learn more about what’s in each of our products, click the button below.


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