5 healthy eating habits

5 healthy eating habits

In today’s world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has proven to be very challenging. However, the reward of maintaining such a lifestyle far outweigh the cost. To that end, consumers have increasingly invested in a healthier diet to improve the quality of their life.

Furthermore, when polled 66% of consumers who choose a healthier diet site the desire to live a longer life as their main reason. A study has shown that living a healthy lifestyle has increased the probability of both men and women to surpass a life expectancy by double digits. It said that these 5 healthy habits below have contributed towards this data:

  • Not smoking

  • Eating a healthy diet (organic, gluten free, non gmo, low sugar)

  • Regularly exercising (30+ minutes a day of moderate to vigorous activity)

  • Keeping a healthy body weight (18.5-24.9 kg/m)

  • Moderate alcohol consumption (5-15 g/day for women, 5-30 g/day for met role in your overall health.


These five factors, cited by both Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) along with American Heart Association (AHA), prove that these habits have helped reduce both the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A combination of these practices has improved life expectancy and reduced healthcare costs dramatically for consumers.

At Naturalvert, we emphasize the wholesome ingredients used in our products that are free from any artificial flavor and preservatives. In addition, with lower counts of calories, sugar and cholesterol, our products can help you maintain a healthy and balance diet that plays a significant role in your overall health.
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