4 blogs that will inspire you to eat more vegan food

4 blogs that will inspire you to eat more vegan food

It is no secret that veganism was one of the most sky rocketing food trends in 2017 and 2018. In fact, a 2017 report stated that there had been a 600 percent increase of vegans in the United States. With all of the shifts in the industry, veganism in 2019 is proving to be more than just a fleeting lifestyle and could be here to stay.  


Because of this, more and more people are being inspired to at least consider the lifestyle, but it can be incredibly daunting to take the plunge. 


One of the reasons in which people are not vegan, is because they do not think is it a lifestyle they can sustain. Two main goals that convince people to ultimately go along with veganism are the depletion of animal cruelty and the depletion of harm to the environment. 


United Kingdom’s The Independent claims that going vegan is single handedly the best way for each individual to combat climate change. Reducing animal product intake can cut your greenhouse gas emissions, preserve habitats and species, and conserve water. 


Not everyone has to be exclusively vegan to make a difference, however, and a gradual adoption of a diet that is filled with less animal product can help. 


According to a recent Huffington Post article, reducing your consumption of meat and animal bi-product can make a clear difference in the environment. In addition to that, promoting a simpler approach that is less drastic than veganism is actually more appealing and effective.


In the article, Sujatha Bergen, the NRDC’s health campaigns director says, “If the average American cut just a quarter pound of beef a week from their diet, about one hamburger, it would be the equivalent of taking 10 million cars off the road for a year.”


Instead of letting intimidation get to you, take small steps toward being vegan and try to eat at least one or more vegan meals a week. 


Using resources like vegan blogs for recipes, articles about veganism, and books by vegan authors, can drastically impact your motivation and desire to eat more plant based options. 


30 to 50 percent of Americans are interested in cutting down on their intake of animals and animal product. In the hopes to help inspire you and your journey toward becoming that person, we would like to share four vegan blogs that have made a huge impact in the vegan community, and continue to inspire non-vegans to eat more and more plants every single day. 


1. Hot for Food 


A blog started by Canadian Lauren Toyota, Hot for Food is a vegan dream for hard core vegetable lovers and consistent meat eaters. 


Toyota creates recipes that mimic real animal product, which makes it approachable for people who find it difficult to part with meat and animal products. 


Her core belief is creating great food, and will do anything necessary to create something for everything to enjoy. It is not always healthy, but it is always delicious, which makes it a necessary staple for everyone. 


In addition to that, Toyota documents a lot of recipes and experiences on her YouTube channels, which makes it easier to visualize and drool over her recipes. 


Hot for Food’s Blog

Hot for Food’s Instagram

Hot for Food’s YouTube ChannelLauren 

Toyota’s Personal YouTube Channel

 Hot for Food’s Cookbook


2. Pick Up Limes 


Pick Up Limes is a vegan blog run by Canadian Sadia Badiei, who now resides in the Netherlands. She is a long time vegan and registered dietitian. 


Because of her health background, Badiei creates recipes that will fuel your body and brain, while still remaining delicious. 


Pick Up Limes is different from Hot for Food in terms of her approach. She features much more whole ingredients, and a primary theme throughout the blog is the idea of nourishment. 


It is the perfect place to go to eat whole, healthy, and thought out vegan meals. 


Pick Up Limes also has an incredibly helpful and visually stunning YouTube channel. 


Pick Up Limes’ Blog

Pick Up Limes’ Instagram

Pick Up Limes’ YouTube Channel


3. The First Mess


A blog started by Canadian Laura Write, The First Mess features seasonally inspired vegan cuisine. 


She focuses on simple living, her food, and her connection to the earth. Write has a ton of food experience from going to culinary school and working in restaurants, so her recipes yield a level of experience that often goes unmatched. 


The First Mess is different from the blogs listed above, as her style of food is much simpler and laid back from Pick Up Limes and Hot for Food. 


If you crave a connection to the seasons and the earth, want to remain somewhat healthy, and want to eat vegan food, her blog is perfect for you. It is quite approachable and inspiring. 


The First Mess’ Blog

The First Mess’ Instagram 

The First Mess’ Cookbook 


4. Thug Kitchen


Thug Kitchen is an incredibly unique blog in terms of their style and approach to vegan food. It was silently created in 2012, and those who run the blog, Los Angeles natives Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, were not revealed until 2014. 


The blog focuses on explicit language and a casual approach to vegan food. A lot of people go there for the extremely rare approach. 


The food is delicious, which is especially reflected in the release of their three cookbooks.  


Their style of veganism makes it extremely fun and almost entertaining to read and execute. It may just be the first cookbook you actually read in full. 


Because of this uncommon approach, it is much different to all other vegan blogs, and is certainly appealing to all foodies- vegan or not. 


Thug Kitchen’s Blog

Thug Kitchen’s Instagram 

Thug Kitchen’s Cookbooks

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